The Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
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Conspicuous Applications of Advanced Ceramics a special exhibition at The International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred
William J. Walker, Jr., Ph.D.
Ceramic Engineer and Guest Curator
June 24 - September 25, 1997
Cosmetics Containing Ceramic
Boron Nitride Powder
"These products contain Boron Nitride, a raw ingredient used in the ceramic industry. The Boron Nitride used in our products is of cosmetic grade, meaning that the impurities have been removed by the manufacturer for cosmetic use. We use the ingredient because of its unequaled slip and positive effect on application to the skin."

Boron nitride powder is composed of flat, hexagonal, plate-like crystals that can freely slide over one another, which gives the powder a lubricious, silky texture.

Elizabeth Arden EyeColor Naturals, CheekColor Natural and Dual Perfection Makeup, 1997, gift from Elizabeth Arden; Boron Nitride Powder gift from Carborundum Company, Boron Nitride Division, Tres BN Boron Nitride Powder for cosmetics.

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