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Eye Candy
selections from the Glidden, Wesp, and Gloryhole Collections
January 26 - March 30, 2012
Museum Reception: Thursday, March 15, 2012
4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

The exhibition Eye Candy includes colorful ceramics from three of the museum’s permanent collections.

The sampling from our Glidden Pottery Collection includes a variety of shapes and patterns. Gulfstream Blue Artware, Chi Chi Poodle, Garden, Hightide, Sandstone Artware and the popular Feather pattern are represented. Glidden Pottery was in production here in Alfred New York 1940 t0 1957. These durable stoneware vessels are a popular collectible.

The George Wesp Collection at the Schein International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University consists of European dinnerware from the first half of the twentieth century. Included in Eye Candy are plates, cups and saucers and various other elements of dinnerware sets manufactured by Rosenthal, Tettau, Paragon and the short-lived Latvian company, Continental Ceramics Corporation. Alma B. Wesp, wife of the late porcelain designer and importer of fine dinnerware, George Wesp, donated the collection totaling close to 400 pieces in 1964.

Choices from the Museum’s Gloryhole Collection include sculptural and functional ceramics by seven of the 2007 through 2010 MFA graduates from the School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. The following artists are included - A. Blair Clemo, Paul Donnelly, Michael Fujita, Claire Hedden, Andrea Marquis, Julie Moon and Brian Taylor.






Glidden Pottery
Garden Martini Pitcher, shape #600, 1956
stoneware, glazed
h: 10” w: 6” d: 4”





Fong Chow, designer
decorated by Glidden Parker
Gulfstream Blue Artware, Slotted Vase, 4000 Series
stoneware, glazed
h: 9-1/2” w: 9-3/8” d: 6-1/2”
gift of Chaoling and Fong Chow
S-JIMCA, 1992.32, 33





Plates from the Wesp Collection
early twentieth century
porcelain, glazed
diameter: 11”
gift of Alma B. Wesp
S-JIMCA 1964.134, 292, 373







Michael Fujita
Divider, (detail) 2008
porcelain, carpet padding, glaze, wood
h: 64" w: 54" d: 14"
gift of the artist
S-JIMCA, Gloryhole Collection, 2008.105






Julie Moon
untitled, 2010
porcelain, glaze, fabric
h: 33 w: 17” d: 39”
gift of the artist
S-JIMCA Gloryhole Collection, 2010.16

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