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From the Collection: Selected New Gifts
May 2, 2003 - July 27, 2003

This special exhibition opens May 2, 2003 and was curated by the Museum’s Collections Manager Susan Kowalczyk. This selection will include work by various ceramic artists from the United States with additional work from China, Finland, Japan, Russia, and Wales. The majority of pieces were donated in 2002-2003 and none have been shown here prior to this exhibition.

Ceramic artist, David Shaner (1934-2002), was an avid collector of ceramics, and pottery surrounded him in his home; even part of the floor was made of clay. Thanks to his and the Shaner family’s generosity and desire to share the collection with others, thirty-nine pieces were added to the David and Ann Shaner Collection at the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum in 2002. Selected New Gifts will draw from these new additions. Included will be work by Ken Ferguson, Wayne Higby, Karen Karnes, Howard Kottler, Ruth McKinley, Don Reitz, Daniel Rhodes, James Secrest, David Shaner, Vladimir Tsivin, Robert Turner; Native American Pueblo Pottery; Japanese Shigaraki ware; and a Chinese Song Dynasty piece.

Museum visitors will be able to view our two new Mark Burns sculptures, one donated by the artist and Helen Drutt: Philadelphia and the second by Dr. Stanley H. Shapiro. They will get a first look at Parquet, a tile piece by Robert Winokur, donated by Paula Winokur and Helen Drutt: Philadelphia and see Friedl Kjellberg’s copper red plate made at Arabia in Finland, donated by William Pitney. Also included will be a ceramic piece by Howard Kottler from the Howard Kottler Testamentary Trust.

Two sculptural vases by Kirk Mangus, donated by Robert and Rae Gilson; a Kyllikki Salmenhaara vase donated by Jenny Floch; a piece from the short-lived Andover China Company, Andover, NY, from William Emrick; and a bottle by Welsh potter Phil Rogers, donated by the Pucker Gallery in Boston, will also be exhibited. The Gloryhole Collection will be represented by MFA graduates from 2002 Cristina Cordova and Sanam Emami. This is only a partial list of what will be shown. The exhibition closes Sunday, July 27, 2003.

image of Mark Burns stoneware Mark Burns, Spooks, 1986, stoneware, paint, metal,
H:39", Gift of Mark Burns and
Helen Drutt: Philadelphia, 2002.55

Sanam Emami, tulip vase, 2002, stoneware,
salt-fired, H:14", Gift of the artist, 2002.60
image of Sanam Emami Tulip Vase stoneware

image of Daniel Rhodes stoneware Daniel Rhodes, untitled, stoneware,
H:15-3/4",W:18", D:16",
David and Ann Shaner Collection,
Gift of Coille Shaner Putman and
Jay Putman, 2002.33

Robert Winokur, Parquet, 1985,
salt-fired stoneware,
H:22", W:32", D:4-1/4",
Gift of Paula Winokur and
Helen Drutt: Philadelphia, 2002.56
image of Robert Winokur Parquet

image of James Secrest Bottle and Lidded Jar stoneware James Secrest, bottle, stoneware, glazed,
H:10-3/8", lidded jar, stoneware, glazed, H:6",
David and Ann Shaner Collection,
Gift of David and Ann Shaner, 2002.53 and 54.

Friedl Kjellberg (designer), Arabia, Finland
(manufacturer), red plate, porcelain, glazed,
Diam:10-1/4", Gift of William Pitney, 2002.2
image of Friedl Kjellberg Porcelain Red Plate
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