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Satoru Hoshino
Beginning Form - Spiral
October 18 - December 8, 2006
Museum reception: October 19, 2006, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

At the invitation of the faculty of the Division of Ceramic Art, Satoru Hoshino, will come to Alfred this summer as an international artist-in-residence. A highly respected ceramic artist with a history of prestigious international exhibitions, Satoru plans to make ceramic sculpture during his residency that will be exhibited at the Schein International Museum of Ceramic Art in the fall, 2006.

The combination of a residency and exhibition is a collaborative first for the Museum and the Division of Ceramic Art - Satoru Hoshino will be the first ceramic artist to create ceramic sculpture, shaped and fired in the ceramic studios of the School of Art and Design, specifically for an exhibition in the Museum.

image of Beginning Form - met Spiral 05 I-1, 2006
Beginning Form - Spiral, Aegean Sea, 2006
stoneware with copper glaze
15-1/2" x 14-1/4" x 13-1/2"
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