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Richard Neer is David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Humanities, Art History and the College at the University of Chicago, where he is also an affiliate of the departments of Classics and Cinema & Media Studies.  He is the author of four books on ancient Greek art, including Greek Art and Archaeology: A New History, c. 2500–c. 150 BC (forthcoming in 2011), The Emergence of the Classical Style in Greek Sculpture (2010), and Style and Politics in Athenian Vase-Painting (2002).  He has published widely on Greek pottery, architecture and sculpture, the theory of style, seventeenth-century French painting, and contemporary cinema.  He is a Co-Editor of the journal Critical Inquiry.

Greek Vases: Wine and Humor in the Age of Tragedy
Richard Neer

Thirteenth Annual Dorothy Wilson Perkins Lecture
Schein International Museum of Ceramic Art
at Alfred University
November 1, 2011

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