Conjunction: selections from the Corsaw, Fox, and Krevolin Collections

June 01 - September 30, 2005

This exhibition highlights ceramic pieces from three of the collections within the Museum’s permanent holdings. Seemingly disparate ceramic pieces – unglazed earthenware pottery by unknown makers, celadon vessels by anonymous creators, and sophisticated clays with multicolor glazes by studio artist - will sit side by side. Collectively spanning the past two thousand years and multiple cultures this combination invokes the ideas of celestial syzygy or conjunction, (alignment or proximity of stars and planets) to illustrate a common humanity in all its variations.

Curated by the museum’s collection manager, Susan Kowalczyk, pieces will include selected representations from the Roger D. Corsaw Collection of Functional American Ceramics, the John R. Fox Collection, and the Krevolin Collection of Pottery of the Ancient Americas.

The John R. Fox Collection of (mostly) Korean Pottery came to Alfred in the 1960s; it includes more than 200 pieces and dates from the Silla through the Yi Dynasties.

The Roger D. Corsaw Collection was established in the 1980s. Roger Corsaw (’35) provided both a collection and funds to support this collection, which totals more than 200 pieces from the twentieth century.

The Krevolin Collection was donated by Lewis (’55) and Jenny Krevolin (’56) in the 1980s and early 1990s. This collection contains ceramic objects from North, South and Central America and comprises more than 400 pieces.

A partial listing of artists and objects includes Peter Beasecker, Roger Corsaw, Val Cushing, Eddie Dominguez, Myrtle Meritt French, Charles Harder, Janel Jacobson, Karen Koblitz, Harrison McIntosh, Walter Ostrom, Ken Ferguson, Vivika and Otto Heino, Karen Karnes, Lucy Rie, Annabeth Rosen, Bonnie Seeman, Ellen Shankin, Bruce Winn, historic Korean vessels and pottery from North, South and Central America.