Jack Earl Ceramics

January 13 - March 30, 2000

It is interesting that whenever the figurative sculpture created by Jack Earl are critiqued in books and professional journals, the writers can not help but employ humor and a homespun vocabulary. This literally speaks volumes about what Jack Earl contributes to the fine arts world. Jack Earl (born 1934) is an Ohio artist who ventured out of Ohio long enough to teach at Virginia Commonwealth University, but otherwise was educated (Bluffton College and O.S.U.) and taught (Toledo Museum of Art) in his home state.

Jack Earl (American, b. 1934) Jack Earl (American, b. 1934), "Come
for all things are ready," ceramic, wood,
oil paint, Collection of the Artist

Jack Earl has been described as "a storyteller in clay" with "His sculptures depicting everyday life" revealing "careful observation and keen wit." (Angela Gallia, March 1999, Ceramics Monthly, p. 49) On the book jacket of Lee Nordness's captivating book about Jack Earl, which truly is difficult to put down, it is noted that this book (Jack Earl: The Genesis and Triumphant Survival of an Underground Ohio Artist, Perimeter Press, 1985) is the "story of the survival of a boondocks artist possessing more talent and heart and humor than he even today knows what to do with."

This special exhibition at the International Museum of Ceramic Art will feature approximately fourteen current works. In fact the work is so current, it is not possible to describe here, as the work has yet to be created. With your curiosity peaked, we hope you will plan to attend the opening reception (the artist will be present). Although yet unknown, we can hope that his exhibition in Alfred will include a few of his dos-à-dos or back-to-back ceramic sculpture, with the two discreet sides seemingly unrelated.