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New Morphologies: Studio Ceramics and Digital Processes
February 7, 2013 – April 5, 2013
Museum Reception: Thursday, February 7, 2013
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Del Harrow and Stacy Jo Scott, guest curators

New Morphologies highlights work that emerges from the encounter between the physical materiality of ceramic objects and the ephemerality of digital information. Working in Belgium, the U.S., Holland, and the U.K., the makers in this exhibition explore the intersection of digital technology with ceramic practice.

While digital fabrication technology has become ubiquitous in industrial production for its functional advantages - precision, efficiency, scalability - the work in this exhibition presents a distinct cross-current. Rather than employing technology as a straightforward solution to issues of production, these artists pose scenarios and questions that arise from the combination of digital technology and craft production.

What emerges is the precision of a machine layered with the risk of manual work. The individual authorship of the studio artist as auteur becomes hybridized with the collaborative and dispersed networks of digital space. Variability, chance, and material idiosyncrasies are introduced into machine processes and modeled through coded algorithms.

Artists included in the exhibition are Sharan Elran, Andy Brayman and Stephanie Syjuco from the United States; Dries Verbruggen from Belgium; Geoffrey Man from Scotland; and Anton Reijnders from the Netherlands.

Del Harrow is a sculptor and educator based in Fort Collins, Colorado and an Assistant Professor of Art at Colorado State University. Stacy Jo Scott is an artist based in Oakland, California. She is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art and a member of the Craft Mystery Cult performance collaborative.

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Ceramic 3d Printing Workshop with Dries Verbruggen of Unfold Design, Belgium
Friday and Saturday, February 8 and 9, 9 am - 4pm
FlexSpace, Senior Ceramics Area, McGee Art Pavillion

Stephanie Syjuco
“Variety Pack #1 from Raiders: International Booty, Bountiful Harvest
(Selections from the A___A___M____)”, 2011
archival Epson photo prints mounted on laser-cut wood, hardware.
16 vessels approx., h: 26” w: 58.5” d: 16”
Courtesy of Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco



Geoffrey Mann
“Blown” Natural Occurrence series, 2005/2012
bone china
group, h: 3.5” diameter: 8”
photo credit Sylvain Deleu





Anton Reijnders
“Coke factory”, 2008
gypsum, fired clay and engobe
h: 6.5” w: 3.5” d: 2.5”

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