Museum Closing Reception: Thursday, November 29, 2012 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

October 04 - December 07, 2012

This special exhibition involves nineteen pieces from the permanent collection. They have a common visual softness - a pillowy, rounded feel that along with their complexity in form, color and intent hope to give you pause. Each piece necessitates a closer look. They range in size from Christine Federighi’s tiny 2 -1/2 inches high landscape to Giselle Hicks’ sculpture ‘embedded’ that is 7 feet in depth. The majority of these ceramic pieces have been made with off-the-wheel techniques utilizing the processes of slab building, pinching, and casting. The surfaces are also diverse with detailed drawings, decals, and finger marks, while others are crisp and glossy with no evidence of the human hand.

Included are work by artists J. David Broudo, Christine Federighi, Wayne Higby, Ken Little, David Shaner, Robert Sperry, Toshiko Takaezu and Robert Winokur; MFA Gloryhole work by Giselle Hicks, Jae Won Lee, Jeffrey Kaller, Sinisa Kukec, and Katherine West; and selections from the visiting artist collection by Anton Reijnders and Elsa Sahal. In addition there are historic Chinese pieces.