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International Chinese Folk Pottery Exhibition cover
International Chinese Folk Pottery Exhibition/ Symposium & Films 
University of Michigan Museum of art
Companion publication exhibition
Minyao: The Art of the Everyday: Chinese Folk Pottery
Curators John Stephenson, Marie Woo and Susan Stephenson
With essays by Dr. Margaret Carney and Chuimei Ho
39 pages, over 100 color photographs 2013

Holding the Line cover
Holding the Line: Ceramic Sculpture by Stanley Rosen 
Bennington Museum
Companion publication to the exhibition
Holding the Line: Ceramic Sculpture by Stanley Rosen
Bennington Museum: February 4, 2017 - May 21, 2017
Alfred Ceramic Art Museum: October 19, 2017 - January 1, 2018
Curated by Jamie Franklin
With contributions by Mary Barringer, Tom Fels, Kenji Fujita, Stanley Rosen and Pamela Skewes-Cox
60 pages, 39 color photographs, 5 black & white photographs 2017

O Pioneers! Women Ceramic Artists 1925 - 1960
Alfred Ceramic Art Museum
Companion publication to the exhibition
Curators Ezra Shales and Susan Kowalczyk
Essays by multiple contributors
84 pages, 43 color photographs, 14 black and white photographs. 2015

Schulman publication cover
Chris Gustin: Masterworks in Clay
Fuller Craft Museum
Companion publication to the exhibition
Chris Gustin: Masterworks in Clay,
October 20, 2012 to February 24, 2013
with essays by curator Sherry Leedy,
Edward Lebow, Janet Koplos, and Jeffrey Spahn
160 pages, over 150 color photographs, soft cover

Schulman publication cover
Out of Clay: The Krevolin Collection of
Pre-Contact Pottery: A Study Guide

Schein-Joseph International Museum
of Ceramic Art
Companion catalogue to the significant gift
made by Lewis and Jenny Krevolin
essays by Ezra Shales and Suzanne Staubach
142 pages. 227 color photographs. 2012

Schulman publication cover
Echo Chamber: Anders Ruhwald and Marie Torbensdatter Hermann
Schein-Joseph International Museum
of Ceramic Art
Companion catalogue to the exhibition
Echo Chamber: Anders Ruhwald and Marie T. Hermann, October 20 to December 2, 2011
with essay by guest curator, Ezra Shales
33 pages. 21 color photographs. 2012

Schulman publication cover
Norm Schulman: A Life In Clay
Asheville Art Museum
essay by Joan Falconer Byrd
56 pages. 40 color photographs. 2006.
Catalogue made possible by the generous support of the Windgate Charitable Foundation

Currier publication cover
Anne Currier: Sculpture
By Nancy Weekly, Mary McInnes and
Helen W. Drutt English
in English and German
112 pages. 131 color photographs. 2006.

Val M. Cushing
Schein-Joseph International Museum
of Ceramic Art
Companion catalogue to the exhibition
Val M. Cushing, April 24 to August 8, 2014
Exhibition curator, Susan Kowalczyk
with essays by Linda Sikora and Ezra Shales
34 pages, 27 color photographs,
1 black and white photograph. 2015

Cushing dvd cover
Val Cushing: A Life of Clay DVD
Produced by NCECA
Includes: Casserole Demonstration, Roll Top Demonstration, and Portfolio Slide Show. 2005.

Cushing Handbook
Cushing Handbook
By Val Cushing
A Compilation of Papers Concerning Glazes,
Glaze Calculation & Formulation, Clay Bodies,
Slip and Glaze Formulas, Firing, Pottery Making
Tips and Other Useful Information, 3rd edition
164 pages. 1994

Higby publication cover
Wayne Higby: Thresholds
Wayne Higby and Helen Drutt: Philadelphia in association with the Burchfield-Penney Art Center
Essay by Nancy Weekly
34 pages. 12 color and 1 black and white photograph. 2003.

Turner publication cover

Robert Turner: Shaping Silence: A Life in Clay
By Marsha Miro and Tony Hepburn
introductions by Janet Koplos
160 pages. Hardcover 59 color and 53 black and white photographs. 2003.

Glidden publication cover
Glidden Pottery
By Margaret Carney with essays by Ron Kransler and Wallace Higgins
139 pages. 40 black and white and 75 color photographs. 2001.

Binns Medalist publication cover
The Binns Medalists
By Margaret Carney 
133 pages. 46 black and white and 36 color photographs. Features the 35 medalists from 1926 to 1998. 2000.

Asia Alfred Collection publication cover
The Asia Alfred Connection:
The Asia Alfred Reflection

By Margaret Carney 
in English with summary in Chinese.
36 pages. 8 color photographs. 1999.

Shaner's publication cover
Shaner's Red: A Studio Potter Monograph
With essay by Gerry Williams
40 pages. 20 color and 20 black and white photographs. A Studio Potter Monography. 1999.

Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware publication cover
Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware:
Rediscovering Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft

By Margaret Carney 
24 pages. 24 black and white and 5 color photographs. 1999.

Binns publication cover
Charles Fergus Binns:
The Father of American Studio Ceramics

By Margaret Carney with essays by Paul Evans, Susan Strong and Richard Zakin. 256 pages. 9x12. Paper Edition. 60 color plates. 173 black and white photographs. New York: Hudson Hills Press. 1998.

Premeditated Function publication cover
Premeditated Function: The Corsaw Collection of American Ceramics
By Margaret Carney
36 pages. 14 color plates. 1998.
$15.00 prepaid

Heino publication cover
What You Give Away You Keep Forever:
The Vivika and Otto Heino Retrospective
By Margaret Carney
with essays by Val Cushing and Gerry Williams
55 pages. 8 color and 36 black and white photographs. 1995.
$20 *SOLD OUT*

Asian Ceramics in Alfred Collections
Asian Ceramics in Alfred Collections 
By Margaret Carney Xie
44 pages. 27 photographs. 1992.

Wesp publication cover
The Wesp Collection: Porcelain at Alfred 
The Story of George Wesp -- a Designer of Fine Ceramics

Written by Verna Willis
Designed by Andre Billeci
Dedication by Alma B. Wesp
51 pages. 48 black and white photographs. 1966.


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